Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Real Estate Sales

How will you find potential buyers for my property?

Over 90% of potential buyers find their their home online.  Your home will be on all major search engines nationwide to ensure all potential buyers have an opportunity to find it.  Additionally,  your home will be featured on my Social Media platforms and website.  Personalized marketing materials and the utilization of local networking and open houses will provide direct to the consumer local exposure for your property.

What are your commission rates?

Commission rates can vary based on the unique terms of each listing.  Contractual terms such as list price, contract term and other factors can impact commission rates.  Contact me to discuss the commission rates on your property listing.

I'm a Buyer, Do I pay Commissions as Well?

Typically the Seller pays all commissions.  There are some instances where as a Buyer you may be obligated to pay a fee or commissions as it relates to a sale, but these instances are rare.  For example, if you wish to enter into an agreement with a For Sale By Owner property and wish to utilize my services on an hourly basis to review documents or the Seller does not agree to compensate me, a fee arrangement for services rendered may be executed in lieu of a commission.  These instances are rare.

How does the buying process work?

Assuming you've identified a REALTOR® to assist you, you'll need to start identifying the types of properties that fit your needs.  You'll consider things like budget, size, location etc.  Once you're ready to start looking in Your REALTOR® will help you formulate a list of properties that meet these needs.  Once you've identified possible properties it's time to start looking.  I will work around your schedule to show you properties so that you can get a feel for what each property has to offer.  Once you've found the right property I will help you work through the steps needed to make an offer.  The process will look like this:

  • Identify and look at possible properties

  • Work with your REALTOR ® to write an offer.  Your offer will contain provisions such. as the price you're willing to pay, the type of financing you'll be using​, inspections periods and other contingencies that may vary depending on the property you're buying and your personal circumstances.

  • Once you have an accepted offer you will start working through the contingencies and conditions that must be met to satisfy the agreement (getting final mortgage approval, negotiating inspections and requests for repairs, obtaining homeowners' insurance, etc.

  • Once all contingencies have been met you sign documents at the title company that will complete the sale.\

Do I Need a Pre-Approval Letter to Start Looking at Homes?

While a Pre-Approval letter is not required to view homes (unless the seller makes showings conditional on providing one), it is highly encouraged that you have one prior to looking.   Showing Sellers that you are financially able to purchase a home is important, especially in a highly competitive market, where you need every edge you can get.